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Catholic Scripture Study Financial Support Policies

From its inception in 1985, Catholic Scripture Study (CSS) has never charged for its Scripture Study Class Material.  It was simply not Sister Marie Therese’s intention to do so.   It was her intention that lack of funds would never be cause to deny anyone the opportunity to attend Catholic Scripture Study Classes.

Correspondingly, CSS has always relied upon voluntary faith offerings and voluntary workers.  Weekly faith offerings collected from CSS class members and forwarded to CSS headquarters during or at the end of the class year have always been sufficient to cover our cost of maintaining and spreading the good news of Sister’s program.  No less than 25% of these funds received, is forwarded as an offering to the Sisters of Saint Mary of Namur in memory of, and grateful recognition for, Sister Marie Therese’s inspired work.  All other voluntary contributions are used to finance the spread of this wonderful CSS Program.  Any funds that you are able and inspired to give will be put to good use.

With the introduction of our website and the continued growth of CSS locations in general, we have found that some Parish Pastors and/or DRE’s, with a budget to charge to, prefer to simply make a faith offering at the beginning of the class year rather than get involved with collections from class members during the year.  Thus, for the convenience of those Parishes who wish to do so, we will gratefully accept a suggested one time voluntary faith offering of $500 for our new, all in one, CD containing our complete Five Year Scripture Study Program.

However, we will continue to enthusiastically welcome and support all locations who wish to rely on our normal method of voluntary faith offerings collected weekly from CSS class members and forwarded to CSS headquarters during, or at the end of each class year.  In response to repeated requests from our locations for a specific amount, we suggest a minimum of $100 for each year of study but whatever your group discerns to send will be accepted and greatly appreciated.  Any decision on method of contribution and/or amount can be made after you have requested and received the CD.

For those locations that desire to conduct CSS classes, and where any contribution would be a financial hardship, no contribution is necessary or desired.  As stated above it was, from the beginning, Sister Marie Therese’s intention that lack of funds would never be cause to deny anyone the opportunity to attend Catholic Scripture Study Classes.  That policy remains in effect today.  CSS Headquarters will continue to rely on the generous offerings of the study groups who have the financial means.

We thank you for your interest in CSS.  We are happy to individually welcome each New CSS Location to our Family of Scripture Study Members. If you have any questions or comments about our program, in general, or program cost, in particular, please contact us through our Website Contact Page and we will reply promptly.

We Catholics are blessed today to have Sister Marie Therese’s Scripture Study Program available.  It is a doctrinally correct study that is easily understood, has been thoroughly tested, well documented, approved by our Bishop and can be embraced by all without regard to costs.  This is truly the dawn of a new day in the religious education and call to ministry for all Catholics.  Please join us in our Mission to help others study and better understand God’s Word and to develop a more informed, active and devout Catholic Faith Community.

Peace in Christ

The Catholic Scripture Study Inc. 

Board of Directors


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