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Our Mission

We do not know if the vision Sister Marie Therese had for Catholic Scripture Study included virtually unlimited distribution to Catholic Parishes world wide through the use of our current day technology.  If not, perhaps once again it was her faith that guided her actions, faith that others would feel called as she was and would pick up where she left off after completing her task of  writing.

In any event, we feel that she is still guiding our actions and urging us on.  Today, thousands of Catholics meet weekly in group discussion to study Holy Scripture using her Catholic Scripture Study Programs.  Millions more in parishes across America and the English speaking world now have this same opportunity without limitations of cost.  Catholics are truly blessed today to have Sister Marie Therese’s Scripture Study program available.  It is doctrinally correct, easily understood and has been thoroughly tested, well documented and approved by Bishops. This is clearly the dawn of a new day for the religious education of Catholics.

Catholic Scripture Study fosters growth and maturity in the participant’s faith and prayer life under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and returns them to their parish with a closer relationship to God.  Participants are encouraged to use this growth to become active in their parish functions, to teach others about the Catholic Faith, and about living the Word of God, and in the community at large, to become a visible witness for Catholic Christian behavior before others.

Please join us in our mission to help others study and better understand God’s Word and to develop a more informed, active and devout Catholic Faith Community.

Catholic Scripture Study is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary with deep affection.

Peace in Christ

The Catholic Scripture Study Inc.

Board of Directors


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