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These are exciting times in the Catholic Church, especially in adult Bible study groups. With the availability of many excellent resources, both for personal and group settings, many people have discovered Catholic Scripture Study.

Sr. Marie Therese Wright, the author of the five year series, has given the Church a Bible study that leads from a solid investigation of the sacred text to life application and spiritual growth. Catholic Scripture Study is easy to use and builds community among its members. The CD with the lesson plans also contain a complete Instruction Manual and all the necessary information for the Bible study leaders.

We have developed this website to enable newcomers to view CSS course material, to learn more about CSS and to request a CD .

This web-site is also a means to put existing Catholic Scripture Study Groups in touch with "the home office. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that we can work together to continue to spread the Good News about Catholic Scripture Study!

The Catholic Scripture Study, Inc.

     Board of Directors

Catholic Scripture Study, Inc  

January 2, 2009

Dear Catholic Scripture Study (CSS) members-old & new;


With the beginning of the New Year 2008, all requests for a year of Catholic Scripture Study material have received our new professionally produced, all in one, CD containing all five years of our CSS Program, including our Training/Reference Manual.  This means as you complete a year of study and wish to continue the program, you will not have to notify us requesting the next year of study.  You will already have it!  You will also be able to decide for yourself which year you wish to study next, although we do recommend that you follow the numerical sequence assigned to each series, if possible.

We have updated our website to reflect these changes.  We have left the full one page description of each year of study, the three examples of Luke and Acts of the Apostles lesson plans and the table of contents for the Training/Reference Manual, all for your review.  However, as stated above, you will no longer need to give us your choice of a year of study.   Any response to a request for any year of study will automatically include the CD containing all five years of the program and the Training/Reference Manual.

For any questions you have about our costs, please see the attached page fully describing our cost policies.  We are all volunteers and our mission is to spread God’s Word through what we consider an inspired and blessed “Catholic” Scripture Study.

We are here to help in any way we can.  Any questions, critiques or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

If you are a new location, welcome to our CSS Family!  If you are an existing member we welcome any comments you may have about our changes.

Peace in Christ,

The Catholic Scripture Study Inc.

     Board of Directors


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