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What is CSS?
  • Catholic Scripture Study is a doctrinal based Roman Catholic Scripture Group Study Program that nourishes a deeper love for Christ and for His Church.  It is a five-year program divided into five one-year studies.
  • Lesson plans for this five-year program contain Scripture reading assignments, thought-provoking questions, a group discussion period, a lecture/presentation, and a four-to-six-page instructional commentary intended to bring understanding and closure on the assigned lesson material.
  • This program has been enthusiastically endorsed and recommended by those who have been introduced to it, have used it over the years, and who continue to do so today.

  • A Training/Reference Manual is provided containing all the instructions and guidelines that are needed to implement this program.  The lesson plans, along with the manual, make this program a self-contained, comprehensive, stand-alone Catholic Bible Study, "right out of the box."
  • If you are a Pastor or Director of Religious Education or a parishioner who is searching for a Scripture Study program to implement at your Parish, we would like to introduce you to our program. We invite you to review the information presented here for your consideration.  We have included for your online viewing our Introductory Pack and the complete table of contents from our Training/Reference Manual.  This program is now available to you nationwide through our Preview Page.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please contact us!


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